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configuring iplanet directory server on Solaris 8

I am trying to install an iplanet Directory server which is to implement LDAP on a solaris 8 system ( Ultra SPARC 60)

the problem is that in one of the last phases of installation after having installed several modules of the server, it tries to log into these modules.

it tries to access

and gives the error:

ERROR: Ldap authentication failed for url ldap://my_host_name.my_domain_name:port_specified user id admin (151:Unknown error.)

Fatal Slapd Did not add Directory Server information to Configuration Server.

ERROR. Failure installing iPlanet Directory Server. Do you want to continue [n]?

The explanation for the possibility of this error provided on the official iplanet website :

is that the DNS has not been configured correctly, or that NIS is being used.

when i installed my OS i did not install any name service along with it and then i sat and configured DNS. I am able to access the internet, though "nslookup" on my hostname or myhostname.domainname fails

i have configured the files:
/etc/resolv.conf (to specify nameservers and domains)
/etc/nsswitch.conf (to enale DNS)

Domain hostname
nameserver x.x.x.x
nameserver x.x.x.y
search domainname

i would appreciate all the help i can get in cracking this one
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8/22/2022 - Mon

This excerpt is taken from the Iplanet Directory Server 6.0 troubleshooting guide - it would be great if you would have posted the version of the server you are running - that helps a lot.

LDAP authentication error causes install to fail.

If you are installing Directory Server in a network which uses NIS naming rather than DNS naming, you may get the following error:

ERROR: Ldap authentication failed for url ldap://incorrect.DNS.address user id admin (151:Unknown error.)

Fatal Slapd Did not add Directory Server information to Configuration Server.

ERROR. Failure installing Netscape Directory Server. Do you want to continue [n]?

This error occurs when a machine is not correctly configured to use DNS naming. The default fully qualified host and domain name presented during installation is not correct. If you accept the defaults, you receive the LDAP authentication error.

To successfully install, you need to provide a fully qualified domain name that consists of a local host name along with its domain name. A host name is the logical name assigned to a computer. For example, mycomputer is a host name and example.com is a fully qualified domain name.

A fully qualified domain name should be sufficient to determine a unique Internet address for any host on the Internet. The same naming scheme is also used for some hosts that are not on the Internet, but share the same namespace for electronic mail addressing.

Looks like your name resolution is shot out. In order for your server to work, check your /etc/hosts file - the fully qualified name of your server should be put there.

Since you have all the configuration on a files
the second column should all be files.

next edit hosts file and add an alias with fqdn

then if you have a ldap config server..please put it in host file with fqdn.

..check first if all name resolution is fine..
like hostname,domainname,netstat ..etc

if you dont have a ldap config server create it first..

I hope this help..

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