hard disk and directory usage

hello,i'm a beginner in linux.i just want to ask: what is the commands to find hard disk space usage in terminal screen?is it du or df?what is the diffrence between them?and how to know directory usage?what is the command?
and how to count the seek time and search time when we run those commands above?
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df -k

man df

to learn more details
linux_freakAuthor Commented:
thank you for your response and answers. and i want to ask does df -k can view the disk usage including the SUB-FOLDER?thank you...
linux_freakAuthor Commented:
so, what is the difference between du and df?
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du is 'diskusage' and df is 'diskfree' more or less :)

du -h /home  should give you the diskusage for the entire /home and subfolders.

if you add a 'du -sh' will print you a sum of all the folders without displaying info for each folder.

think using df or du is more or less a habit thing :)

df: free/occupied space on a mounted filesystem (For example, a partition of your harddrive mounted somewhere).

du: occupied space inside a directory, i.e. how much space do the subdirectories/files inside take.

df is useful to estimate the resources you have left on a mounted partition. du is useful if you need to find what takes large resources, especially if you don't have much space left on a partition.

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i recall on this or a similar forum, the moderator chided the poster for sub-elemental questions. The answer to "whats the difference between to du/df" should be
   man du  /  info du
   man df  /  info df
 and if need be,
   man man /info man
   info info

AFIK, all *nix have man and info
linux_freakAuthor Commented:
so to see harddisk usage we use df right? and to see directory we use du?thank you...
to verify conclusion
  whatis df
  whatis du
linux_freakAuthor Commented:
i see.so, how to count the seek time and search time.example: if i want to count the seek time and search time in processing du and df command above. i just guessing or is there any particular command to count them?thank you
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