X3D - Extreme 3D PC Sysem

This is a new LCD 3D glasses and software

Has anyone tried this product:

If so:
1. How good is it?
2. Does it causes eye irritation or uneasyness?
3. Does it worth the money (100$)?
4. On which games did you try it?
5. Do you still use it?


(sorry for the spelling mistakes)
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cool. never tried it yet. but $100, err.. dunno. its really cool.
Not seen these ones - but in my opinion the ones from www.edimensional.com are the best as:

1. They are very stable, and come in both wired and wireless flavours. They are very robust too, which helps. Also they have the advantage over other glasses as they allow you to adjust the 'z depth' of 2d objects (usually overlays) which really helps when playing fps games and you need to look through sights!

2. Most people experience headaches after prolonged use, or queasyness to start with. Make sure your screen refresh rate is set to AT LEAST 100HZ (this will give 50hz in each eye). You ideally need at least 120HZ (for 60hz in each eye) - or if you are like me and don't like 60hz displays, you need a monster refresh rate for rock solid display.

3. Only you can decide! Some games really rock with glasses like these - make sure they support OpenGL, and you'll have a vast array of titles to play with.

4. Operation Flashpoint (it was coded with these glasses in mind).

5. Not personally.

Hope this helps,


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The glasses from www.edimensional.com are definatly the best.  I bought them and they work with any game ive tried (some better than others).  But you do need a good monitor that supports high refresh rate though i found that any thing above 70HZ doesnt bother me. Also if the glasses hurt your eyes you can turn the 3D effect down and it wont bother you as much. Ive found that 50% is good for me.
Thanks for the grade and the points!

Hope you like the glasses. Personally, I'm waiting for FCUK to design a pair ;)
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