Network problem

I have LAN and ICS.My default Gateway is assigned to IP I Turn off my Gateway my network does not work any more.
Any suggestions?
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dan_blagutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The solution is to not shutdown the "gateway" PC for long time. This is cheap solution. Other is to buy an router  (benq ESG103 or other type, but this router must know NAT and DHCP) and this will be your gateway. The essence of problem is: the DHCP server must be in network up and running all time. Do you have try to install NetBEUI? This works for all station except Windows XP.
Because of ICS, you must accept IP asigned by Gw. computer. When this comp. is turned off, none will provide IP address for LAN. If is Windows 98, Me or 2000 Prof, just install NetBEUI. For XP, use alternate settings and provide an IP in range to
When you say turn off my gateway do you mean the PC? How many PCs do you have on the network and running what software?
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that maybe becuase you have assigned your client PC's to obtain IP address automatically.. in order for the client PC to work without that Gateway you must assinged IPs for every client..
pls describe your network...number of PC, SO...
ANNIAuthor Commented:
My Gateway is a PC.My LAN has 14 computers,running WIN 98,
Win NT4.0,Win 2000 Pro and Win XP
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