EFS - How to Restore Datas on a different Computer

We use EFS to encrypt some critical data on a swapabale HD. This is no Problem. But in a case of fire, for example, is there a way to get access to the data on a different Computer. I think i have to export some keys or certificates, but i have no idea how to do that...
Any suggestions?

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Perhaps you should read this link on grading:

I am going to request the grade be reviewed and/or your points be returned.
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reesthilAuthor Commented:
Okay, sorry for grading. "Avarage" sounds different from "bad". It was just a link i have "googled" befor, so i thought: "okay. Thats avarage" and i wantetd to close the task. My fault. I'll try that description again an post the exact problem. Hope you will help me again ;-) I'm new here. Sorry, Sorry again!
> "I'll try that description again an post the exact problem"

If you can be more specific I am willing to continue to assist you.
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