Simulate clicking Acceptance Agreement and other buttons

I need to run a setup (.EXE) that requires user interaction.  Like any other setup, there are buttons that need to be clicked, to accept the license agreement, etc.  I need to run this setup unattended.
My question is, is there a way to make Visual Basic "see" these popup windows during setup, and then "click" the buttons without the user having to do anything?
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You can use the Veritas WinInstaller LE located on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server CD-Rom under D:\VALUEADD\3RDPARTY\MGMT\WINSTLE.

This program allows you to make an image of a machine before the program is installed, and then an image after the program is installed.

It then 'subtracts' the two images, and builds an MSI (Microsoft Installer) file that you can then run.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Yes, you can do this with VB... it requires FindWindow, FindWindowEx, SendMessage, etc.. functions..  but it is possible..

I just thought I would recommend a free 3rd party util that will do this instead of posting pages of code to do it in vb..

Use the utility called "AutoIt":

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