Dreamweaver free on Windows XP

I am running Dreamweaver 3 on my windows 98 system.
Will DW3 work with Windows XP? as i am looking to upgrade my PC.
I once tried a version of Windows Millenium but it made Dreamweaver write the wrong HTML.
Any help will be much appreciated
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The OS won't make DW 'write the wrong HTML'.

Frankly, I would upgrade. While it MIGHT work, it might not. DW has gotten much better since v3, and the upgrade shouldn't be that expensive.

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rorfAuthor Commented:
Thanks Webwoman, but i really cant afford to upgrade Dreamweaver at the moment as i am buying a new PC.
I checked the Macromedia site and to upgrade from DW3 to DW MX will cost $199 which is not a great deal of money but slightly outta my reach.

Regarding the OS not effecting the HTML, when i went from win 98 to millenium DW wouldnt work properly. As soon as i went back to Win 98 it worked fine. Maybe coincidence i dont know.
Actually writing in dreamweaver 3 at this point, is asking for problems.

then you should consider other possibility's, even word, or you must have an old word installed.

Just be carefull that even though there is some backwords compatibility in html, it often goes the wrong way when you put in some need stuff.

so when you keep it simple, what is the need of dreamweaver, if you need the extended capablities, you should upgrade, maybe install the trial then you have one month to spare the money!
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rorfAuthor Commented:
Found out that Dreamweaver 4 is the earliest version for Windows XP so looks like im gonna have to upgrade.
I don't understand the C -- you have old software and it's MY problem?

There ARE other options, some of them FREE -- but you didn't even ask if we had recommendations.
rorfAuthor Commented:
Sorry, u didnt actually answer the question, u said maybe it will work, maybe it wont.
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