serial -> visual c++

I have a barcodescanner connected with a serialport(rs232) of my computer. How can i read that data with visual c++ ??
i found at Microsoft _bios_serialcom() and bios.h, but i think visual c++ 6 doesn't support it anymore.

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jlsjlsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First install the OPOS-drivers on your machine.
To use a scanner through OPOS into your application, you could use following code :
LONG lResult = 0;
lResult = m_Scanner.Open("Name of device to Open");
//name of device : see registry (done by setup of OPOS-driver of scanner)
lResult = m_Scanner.Claim(-1);
lResult = m_Scanner.setDeviceEnabled();
lResult = m_Scanner.setDataEventEnabled(TRUE);

//now you can receive events from the scanner object (m_Scanner)
In event-method :OnDataEventScanner(LONG status)
use : CString ScannerData = m_Scanner.GetScanData();
and set : m_Scanner.SetDataEventEnabled(TRUE);
You need to place the String 'ScannerData' into your editbox.
The advance of OPOS is : you don't need to change your code if you change Scanner or way of attachment is changed. The only one need to do, is to make correct settings in registry.  
See ("Serial Communications in Win32") - good article about the basics and pronciples (comes with sample code)
Try to obtain the OPOS driver of this barcode scanner (look at site of manufacturer). Once you have the OPOS driver of it, you can easily use a scanner object. This object does all communication for you.
timmmmAuthor Commented:
Thx for the reply's

i found the OPOS driver, i installed it.
and i seen it has an service object ID,
but what should i do now.
what code do i have to write to get the data in my editbox?
Can i use the same code when my barcodescanner is attached through RJ45 ??

the OPOS driver:

thanks in advance,
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