Full screen projectors on 2 monitors

I have developed two "kiosk-like" applications in Flash MX.  These two applications will be displayed on two separate monitors, both of which are attached to graphics adapters in the same Windows 2000 PC.  (2 monitors, one PC)

The trouble is that the projectors must be full screen.  (They were published as windows projectors)  When one selects "Full Screen" in the projector's view menu, both projectors display on the left (primary) monitor.  I need one projector on each monitor.

I can maximize the projectors on each monitor, but that still leaves the title bar, menu bar, etc.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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can't you just move one of the Projectors to the other monitor by dragging it over?  If I remember correctly, the second monitor is just an extension of the other...

It seems that you need a different connector that will treat both monitors as seperate entities, and display the desktop on each monitor... that way you just open up one Projector fullscreen and it will display on both monitors...

This does not sound like an issue for Flash, but try what I have suggested above...

jsignalAuthor Commented:
I can drag it over to the other monitor and "maximize" it.  But it will still have the menu bar, title bar, etc.  Getting it to go full screen is the trouble.  

The reason I post the question to flash experts is that some other apps, such as Internet Explorer, can be set to full screen on both attached monitors at the same time.  The flash player does not seem to work that way.

Thanks for the response.
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what about the connection...  I would check to see if the cords you are using are able to just project to two places, instead of splitting the screen...

Flash does not have any functions or FSCommands that will allow anything like what you are wanting...  

hi jsignal

that is very interesting question... and i see what u meant, i have looked thru the web to see if there's anything to do in parameters or windows registry to run a program in the second monitor by default ... but nope ... nothing so far ...

like rp said, it is not question of flash, more to do with windows...  or projector ...

i haven't used 2 monitors for a long long time, don't have room for that anyway, but can u try something ...

if u launch the 2nd exe in a script which is running in the second monitor ... what will happen, does it go back and open it in the primary monitor?

say use wscript.exe or cscript.exe, have a vbs to wait for a few second before it opens the projector and move the wscript in the second window ... let's open the projector there ... what will happen? i wonder ...

i can't rememebr, see if u have a browse in the second window, and use control to open a new window ... it should open a new open on the second window right?? ...

what about putting the short-cut on the second desktop ... u would have try that already i suppose .. that's a bit trival ... !!

anyway, good luck :)

i thought so ....

here ...

it is actually mentioned in MSDN ... i should have searched there instead ...

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so there u go, have a vbs to open the 2 projectors in two monitors full screen ... no title bars :)

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