Windows 2000 DNS question.

I have a web site with the domain name
I have made a entry in my DNS so that the users can get to our (hosted externally).  On our external site we have a list of links with the links pointing to  I can setup DNS to get to but I can't get to them without the WWW.  The provider is using one IP for all them so they will not remove the WWW from the links how can I  point DNS to the
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robcom99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To clarify, your ISP hosts your external DNS namespace.  You have an internal DNS server and you want your internal clients to be able to access  You said nothing about newoffice having its own DNS server, so I won't talk about delegating xone authority.  You might consider:

On your DNS server, create a new forward lookup zone called  You can then populate it with whatever records you need:  hosts, mx, www, etc.

When an internal client trys to resolve a DNS name, it will check its local cache and then try its primary DNS server.  The DNS server will check all of its configured zones for the DNS name before a) timing out or b) forwarding the resolution request to a configured forwarder.  

Of course, if you want the entire world to know about newoffice, then this zone needs to be created on the DNS server that hosts your external namespace.
i think you can do this by creating an alias. but i'm not entirely sure.

here's a microsoft article that explains the procedure.
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