Seeing Mac disks on a PC

I have a network set up between my G4 Mac running Jaguar and my PC running XP Pro. I can access all of the PC on the Mac but can only access my Mac user folder on the PC. I want to be able to access the hard disks attached to the Mac. Tried logging in as root but was unable to switch on "Allow user to log in from Windows" as it was greyed out both before and after entering the password. So even as root I cannot access the Mac disks on the PC. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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Go to your Accounts control panel. Edit your admin user and enter their password in the "Current Passowrd" field. Thatll enable other options like "Allow user to log on from windows" at the bottom.
milligAuthor Commented:
Have "Allow user to log on from Windows" enabled in my admin account but can only access the user folder via the PC. When I try to add a Mac disk to the network on the PC it eventually tells me that it cannot as it cannot find the folder
I vaguely recall, but cant confirm, that you can only access the shared folder from a PC. Not sure why, but i seem to recall that being true.

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