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Newbie, How to communicate with an ISAPI.dll with PHP

Hello Guys,

Can someone walk me through the process of asking questions and interpreting answer from an ISAPI.DLL install on a remote server (that return .html files as answers) with PHP code on my Linux Server?


1 Solution
Which ISAPI module ? PHP ? Is PHP also an ISAPI module ? In which server ? (Apache/IIS/etc)

What are you trying to do exactly ?
Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeverloperCommented:
You can use curl to send POSTed data, or you can use fopen to send a request with GETed data.

curl allows your PHP script to behave somewhat like a browser. You can send filled in forms to a site, cookies, etc as if you were a browser.

I assume the ISAPI is installed into a webserver?

$sData = implode('',file('http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Web_Languages/PHP/Q_20540180.html'));

would put this entire page into a single string for working on.

You can also use file_get_contents on newer PHPs.

Miles4Author Commented:
Thanks guys, this gives me the direction at least!  

VGR: its a Bank Server (AIX) that use a web server that run a isapi.dll as a middleware.  The "middleware" server seam to be a IIS.  My server is a linux with PHP installed.
I want people to go through my server with PHP and make "calls" to the bank server that act as a middleman to the legacy application.  Then I have to funnel the answer back to my web site visitor.  All that with SSL lines and answers that are coming back as html pages...


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