how use Javascript to add Url Link to Favorites , Desktop shotcut, Head Page without any prompts or warning?

I try to find a way to auto add Url Link to DeskTop shotcut and Favorites and Head Page. I had tried some ways to do it ,but there always shows a prompt window or a warning window! How can I implemente this funtion without any prompts and warning? And I want the answer can run success at IE6.0 and IE5.0 , also on Windows 98/2000/XP
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I think doing it without a prompt would be a security breach.

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jaysolomon is correct. Since you are trying to execute code within the user's operating system and/or browser's settings, you cannot execute that code without first getting the user's permission.  Otherwise, anyone would be able to change anything about your system from a web page without consent, which is indeed a big security breach.  I for one am extremely glad that the browsers have these kinds of security checks in place, and I do not think this is the correct forum to be posting questions like this.  Why exactly do you want this kind of functionality anyways?

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xlt77 you still here? :-)
xlt77Author Commented:
Yeah! Thanks.
It looks like a insecure question. I just want to disseminate my short message website and I think this way can convenience my visitors to visit my website directly. But if the warning shown, I am afraid my visitor will debase trust(especially the first visitors).
So if any one know the answer , don't post it in forum , just mail me : and I will give you the points.
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