Hard Drive Problems....Conventional Wisdom has been exhausted.

I have just troubleshot a friends PC. The Hard Drive has failed (it was clicking, due to bearing failure). So we purchased a new Western Digital 40GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive. I installed it, as the master because it is a single drive application, with no slave in line. When the system restarts it POSTs like there is no problem. The boot diagnostic screen displays the CPU is found, the CD ROM is found, then the screen stays where it is and will not advance. I am out of typical troubleshooting solutions and at the end of my rope. Please advise.Short of telling me that we purchsed a bad hard drive, that is.
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talkietConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Reset BIOS defaults usually fixes this, unless it's a dead HDD... Also you may want to try autodetecting in BIOS what IDE devices are attached.

Failing that, all you can do is try the HDD in another machine and try another HDD in this machine. That will tell you if the problem relates to the machine or the HDD at least.

Cheers - Neil G
Have you set the hard disk info correctly in the bios? You may have forgotten to change the hard disk setting and you are still using the old hard disk setting. Enter the bios and set auto detect for the primary IDE. Then, reboot the pc.
DFM_ChapelAuthor Commented:
I havent tried your solution yet, but i am sure that is it. I will return to correct this problem tomorrow. I have been doing this type of stuff for 4 years, and still the little details can creep up on you. Thanks for the new slant.
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