FTP behind NAT

I want to set up a FTP but my ISP is using NAT,I plan on using Serv-U as the FTP server. My question is, is it possible and if it is what do I need to do?
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've seen several broadband ISP's using outbound nat. Customers do get a 10. or 192.168.x.x ip address on their external interface. All nat is done upstream at the ISP. This prevents anyone from setting up their own web/ftp servers, which they would consider a business use of the network on a home use line. They want the extra revenue of a business paying more for a 'business' line.

Some of them go so far as to also block VPN's, and any inbound www, ftp, etc, even if they don't use NAT. Read the fine print of your agreement with the ISP before you call them up.
Not if your ISP won't provide a one-one NAT translation for you. Obviously they don't want to support servers on a consumer-priced access line.
I could be wrong but I thought NAT was only used to translate between public and private IP addresses.   I've never heard of an ISP using NAT between them and their customers.  Is the address that they are giving you within this range of private addresses? - - -

If it isn't, then it MIGHT be possible for you to setup your FTP server.  Another question you might want to look into is; are they blocking the ports used for FTP?
Easiest thing would be to let us know who your ISP is and what connectivity equipment you've got (i.e. router or USB modem).
WebmastaXAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all you answers, sadly my ISP gave me an IP within the - range, which prevents residential users from setting up their own web/ftp servers as you explained, they actually charge you double for a 'business' line with the same bandwith.
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