Dual Booting.....

    I want to used  to LINUX and Win98.....
I can i do that in dual booting...if, pls teeach me on how to make Dual boot.

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First of all, install Win98. Then, install LINUX. When you are installing Linux, you will be given option to install LILO, which is a linux bootstrap. Install LILO and you will be given option to make selection on which OS you want to use during startup.

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If by any chance you are using a drive overlay (such as EZ-BIOS) on the hard drive you will be booting from, get rid of it. As a geek in the old west might say, "This master boot record ain't got room for the two of us..."
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if you've already got win98 running; you've only got a single drive, and it's all one big partition (the way most win98 systems are set up); you'll either need to repartition (leaving enough room unpartitioned for linux install to use) and reinstall, or shrink your windows partition using a program like partition magic (www.powerquest.com).

easiest would be to add a second (slave) drive and install linux to that, leaving your windows drive completely alone.

either way, follow your linux install carefully, making sure it only uses available free space on the intended drive for linux instead of taking over the entire drive (which would remove your windows data).

ANOTHER OPTION: although i've never used it (i have a couple of dedicated redhat systems), a co-worker speaks highly of it: winlinux -- a linux distribution that installs from windows and is designed to share your windows partition, so no reformatting or repartitioning is necessary. just may be the ticket for you. go to www.winlinux.net and click on 'order now' then scroll to the bottom to find a link to the free version download.
ditto A5WKS24, only one first sector on disk, so you must first decide which one, MS or linux, gets to keep it. My preference is MS, since they upgrade so much, I prefer to keep them happy that their stuff is intact. But if you like unix, you may preer lilo menu.
If you need a free solution you should use LILO the following way. First, install Linux. Installation program will ask whether you wont to place LILO on your hard drive or on the bootable diskette. Select hard drive. LILO will be written to MBR of your hard drive. First it will load ONLY Linux. To add Win98 section just do the following. In your Linux, under root, edit a file /etc/lilo.conf. It could be done either with Midnight Commander, vi or any X-Window text editor. The initial file should probably contain the only one section like follows (values should differ):

# Section for Linux

You should manually add following the text (assuming that Win98 was installed on drive c:):

# Section for Win98
label=Microsoft Windows

# - comments

Also if you afraid of manual configuration you could use LILO system diskette to load to Linux.

To remove LILO from MBR and replace it with Windows native loader (io.sys) perform the following: boot from Win98 Resque Disk. Run fdisk /mbr from command prompt. The original MBR will be restored.
P. S. If you will install Win98 after than the Linux it will replace MBR to load only Win98. So you must first install Win98, then Linux.
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