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Network Connection only running at 10 MBits/s?

I am having a problem at the moment where I have a network workstation (W98, NE2000 NIC) that is connected via CAT 5e to a 3COM switch which will only connect at 10 MBits/s. The NIC is set to Auto-Negotiate, but when I set the port on the switch to Auto-Negotiate it won't run at 10/100 MBits/s. I have to set the port capabilities to static 10 MBits/s Half or Full Duplex in order to get a connection. Has anyone had this problem before? Help would be really appreciated as it is bugging me. Thanks.
1 Solution
have you tried updating the nic driver yet?
ne2000 is a common driver for the network interface card
try to install exact driver for your nic. which nic card you are using?
ghedley, setting NICs to auto negotiate is not a good idea to get a 100mb connection. I suggest you set NIC to force 100mb Full duplex connection and do the same to the relevant port on the switch, and you should get 100mb connection.
If this fails try replacement cable, also might be an idea to post brand and model of NIC.
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Is your switch capable of using 100mb p/sec. If it isn't you will not be able to connect at 100mb. Or, is their a port on the switch that will allow up to 100mb. If either of the devices is only able to use 10mb you can send at 100 they both have to be able to send at. It's like telling the switch. HEY!! I'm going to send at 100mb. The switch says ???What is 100mb I only know 10mb.
The ne2000 is a generic driver used in windows 9x, and will only operate at 10mb.  Your best bet is to buy a new nic that will support 100mb in full duplex.  The second option would be to install the exact driver for your brand nic, however, your nic may only be able to use the ne2000
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