difference between webservers and application server

hi friends,what is the difference between web server and
application server,can some one clear me with examples.
many thanks
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BigRatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A web server processes HTTP requests and returns data to a browser. An application server process request (not directly from the web) and returns data (not directly to the browser).

The best example is Apache (Web Server) and TomCat (Application Server Framework). In TomCat you need to plug in Application Modules (could be Java Beans for example) to do the application processing.

Apache serves up html pages, jpegs and so on, passes processing requests (from HTML forms) onto TomCat. TomCat processes the data and returns data (often HTML) to Apache which in turn sends it onto the Browser.


Easiest explaine webserver serves webpages.
Webpages is equal to cgi, html, php, asp and so on.

All theese standards are interpreted languages.

An application server on the other hand can run compiled code or if you want REAL applications.
Since an application server can run compiled code this means as programmer you have almost the same possibilities and advantages as if you would like to build an application for Windows usaing Visual C++.

What I mean by almost is that a programmer has to take in acocunt that any result or fomrms need to be presented in HTML format and that the application won't be able to hold a constant connection to the client.

Hope this help you to understand.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg

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