GPRS setup

can anyone please tell me howto set up the GPRS.
I have a Wavecom GSM/GPRS modem i want to connect to the internet using this wireless modem.I have the GPRS account activated.My machine runs on windows 2000.
help me out
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Unimodem in Win2K supports GSM modems, the problem is one needs an .inf file. Have you tried getting one from (They require a log-in and password).
You don't need anything from wavecom except for instructions on how to setup your APN on the modem.  If you have configured the modem already, then ...

1. Install a Standard modem (control panel) and assign it to your serial port (the one that connects to the wavecom).

2. Right click network places and create a new connection

3. Get your GPRS APN, user id and password from your carrier

4. The user id and password you will use for this dialup connection is what you obtained in step 3.

5. The dialup number is typically *99**PPP1#

Wavecom should be compatible, but who knows.  To setup your modem APN through AT commands, you'll need to use something like AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","<your service provider's APN>"

This should be all you need to do to get this puppy off the ground.


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techmamithAuthor Commented:
thanx mtasalloti that was a useful bit of information .can u please tell me more about this APN,I havent yet got the GPRS connection for my modem.
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The APN (Access Point Name) is a GPRS gateway that connects you to the internet - kind of like a proxy server.  For AT&T, the APN is "", the user id is "wapuser1" and the password is "wap".

On cell phones that support GPRS, there is a place in the menu of the phone where you can set up GPRS by setting up the APN info.  However, since the wavecom is just a modem with no interface to it, then I'd assume that you have to use the AT command that I showed  you earlier.

"Wavecom should be compatible, but who knows."

Exactly why an .inf file from them would be great. It contains all the AT commands necessary. Still try it, I couldn't find anything from Wavecom.
I hear you BigRat, if a driver could be found, it might help in this case.  But looking through all my Wavecom stuff, there is no such thing that I could find so far.  

I am almost 100% confident that AT+CGDCONT should do the trick through - its one of the standard GPRS commands.

I use my Ericsson for GPRS and have set it up on the PC as well.  Even though the Ericsson comes with modem drivers, you still have to configure the APN information on the phone - manually.  This is also the case for my Philips phone.

One final note to techmamith - when you ask your carrier for the info, be sure to ask them for the DNS addresses as well - I don't think that it should matter, but I've noticed that carriers typically give these out too with your gprs account.
mtasalloti is right.

using a wavecom modem driver , u can
connect by using these special at commands(modem settings)
the format is,


where APN is the accesspt name, get it from the carrier.

this shud do it
u can use the normal login passwd window in windows while dialing.

i have orange as my carrir and a sierracard
so i do


i set it up last week  , works fine for me
techmamithAuthor Commented:
Thank u guys for the information u have provided, now my next step is to get the GPRS activated, it takes some time will get back to u guys after working on it.
Hey, could you please tell me where i can buy Wavecom GPRS modems online , also the site must be a secure pllace and fast shipping. I  want to buy one and bring it to Mexico

Thank you
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