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ADO control refresh error 2147467259


Can anybody help?  I have a VB6 program with Access 97 database.  One screen has a number of ado controls.  I use a couple of routines to set the properties of the ado controls when the screen loads up.  The screen opens up fine the first few times but then it fails with the error 2147467259 Unspecified error.  The line of code it is stopping on is the ado control refresh.  It's not always the same control it fails on.  Here is the code:

Private Sub set_ADO(ByVal sql As String, ByVal ctl As Control)
ctl.ConnectionString = sConstr
ctl.CommandType = adCmdText
ctl.RecordSource = sql
ctl.CursorType = adOpenKeyset
ctl.LockType = adLockPessimistic
ctl.CommandTimeout = 30
End Sub

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You will probably find that  the error code is -2147467259 (note the minus sign) and it often seems to pop up when you have a data entry error. This can be caused by:

1) A duplicated index (where duplicates are not allowed)
2) A Missing or corrupted data file
3) Probably one or two other things that I hav'nt come accross yet.

I suggest that you catch the error then check the specific record that is causing the problem. It may be that you need to prevent users from entering inappropriate information into fields, i.e. text into a numeric field or over long text fields (or duplicate index fields).
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TomLaw99 - No, I wasn't unhappy with your answer but in the end I found the cause of the problem was neither of the first 2 points in your email, although I'm sure they are also potential causes.

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