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load page in iframe

i need to know how to load web pages into my iframe by clicking links in my dropdown menu.  

var NoOffFirstLineMenus=5;                  // Number of first level items
      var LowBgColor='white';                  // Background color when mouse is not over
      var LowSubBgColor='white';                  // Background color when mouse is not over on subs
      var HighBgColor='black';                  // Background color when mouse is over
      var HighSubBgColor='black';                  // Background color when mouse is over on subs
      var FontLowColor='black';                  // Font color when mouse is not over
      var FontSubLowColor='black';                  // Font color subs when mouse is not over
      var FontHighColor='white';                  // Font color when mouse is over
      var FontSubHighColor='white';                  // Font color subs when mouse is over
      var BorderColor='black';                  // Border color
      var BorderSubColor='black';                  // Border color for subs
      var BorderWidth=1;                        // Border width
      var BorderBtwnElmnts=1;                  // Border between elements 1 or 0
      var FontFamily="arial,comic sans ms,technical"      // Font family menu items
      var FontSize=9;                        // Font size menu items
      var FontBold=1;                        // Bold menu items 1 or 0
      var FontItalic=0;                        // Italic menu items 1 or 0
      var MenuTextCentered='left';                  // Item text position 'left', 'center' or 'right'
      var MenuCentered='left';                  // Menu horizontal position 'left', 'center' or 'right'
      var MenuVerticalCentered='top';            // Menu vertical position 'top', 'middle','bottom' or static
      var ChildOverlap=.2;                        // horizontal overlap child/ parent
      var ChildVerticalOverlap=.2;                  // vertical overlap child/ parent
      var StartTop=240;                        // Menu offset x coordinate
      var StartLeft=1;                        // Menu offset y coordinate
      var VerCorrect=0;                        // Multiple frames y correction
      var HorCorrect=0;                        // Multiple frames x correction
      var LeftPaddng=3;                        // Left padding
      var TopPaddng=2;                        // Top padding
      var FirstLineHorizontal=0;                  // SET TO 1 FOR HORIZONTAL MENU, 0 FOR VERTICAL
      var MenuFramesVertical=1;                  // Frames in cols or rows 1 or 0
      var DissapearDelay=1000;                  // delay before menu folds in
      var TakeOverBgColor=1;                  // Menu frame takes over background color subitem frame
      var FirstLineFrame='navig';                  // Frame where first level appears
      var SecLineFrame='space';                  // Frame where sub levels appear
      var DocTargetFrame='space';                  // Frame where target documents appear
      var TargetLoc='';                        // span id for relative positioning
      var HideTop=0;                        // Hide first level when loading new document 1 or 0
      var MenuWrap=1;                        // enables/ disables menu wrap 1 or 0
      var RightToLeft=0;                        // enables/ disables right to left unfold 1 or 0
      var UnfoldsOnClick=0;                  // Level 1 unfolds onclick/ onmouseover
      var WebMasterCheck=0;                  // menu tree checking on or off 1 or 0
      var ShowArrow=1;                        // Uses arrow gifs when 1
      var KeepHilite=1;                        // Keep selected path highligthed
      var Arrws=['tri.gif',5,10,'tridown.gif',10,5,'trileft.gif',5,10];      // Arrow source, width and height

function BeforeStart(){return}
function AfterBuild(){return}
function BeforeFirstOpen(){return}
function AfterCloseAll(){return}

// Menu tree
//      MenuX=new Array(Text to show, Link, background image (optional), number of sub elements, height, width);
//      For rollover images set "Text to show" to:  "rollover:Image1.jpg:Image2.jpg"

Menu1=new Array("Home","http://www.dynamicdrive.com","",0,20,138);

Menu2=new Array("News","blank.htm","",2);
      Menu2_1=new Array("General","blank.htm","",5,20,150);      
            Menu2_1_1=new Array("CNN","http://www.cnn.com","",0,20,150);
            Menu2_1_2=new Array("ABCNews","http://www.abcnews.com","",0);
            Menu2_1_3=new Array("MSNBC","http://www.msnbc.com","",0);
                Menu2_1_4=new Array("CBSNews","http://www.cbsnews.com","",0);
                Menu2_1_5=new Array("Canadian News","http://news.bbc.co.uk","",2);
                          Menu2_1_5_1=new Array("Vancouver Sun","http://www.vancouversun.com","",0,20,150);
                          Menu2_1_5_2=new Array("CTV News","http://www.ctvnews.com","",0);
      Menu2_2=new Array("Technology","blank.htm","",3);
            Menu2_2_1=new Array("TechWeb","http://www.techweb.com","",0,20,200);
            Menu2_2_2=new Array("News.com","http://www.news.com","",0);
            Menu2_2_3=new Array("Wired News","http://www.wired.com","",0);

Menu3=new Array("Search Engines","blank.htm","",3);
      Menu3_1=new Array("Altavista","http://www.altavista.com","",0,20,150);
      Menu3_2=new Array("Google","http://www.google.com","",0);
      Menu3_3=new Array("Yahoo","http://www.yahoo.com","",0);

Menu4=new Array("Webmaster","blank.htm","",4);
      Menu4_1=new Array("Dynamic Drive","http://www.dynamicdrive.com","",0,20,180);
      Menu4_2=new Array("JavaScript Kit","http://www.javascriptkit.com","",0);
      Menu4_3=new Array("Freewarejava","http://www.freewarejava.com","",0);
      Menu4_4=new Array("Web Review","http://www.webreview.com","",0);

Menu5=new Array("Other","javascript:top.location.href='blank.htm'","",1);
      Menu5_1=new Array("Author\'s Site","http://www.burmees.nl/","",0,20,140);
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1 Solution
iframename.src = URL;


iframename.location.href = URL
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
you need to show the statements that result from the array, the href statement
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
what is this? I ask for info and you give me a c grade...please read the blurb at the bottom of this page...
I have changed the grade to an A and reduced the points to 0

boinks, you may re-ask this question but please make a note of the following guidelines on grading:

How Do I Know What Grade to Give?
Although we use an A-D scale here at Experts Exchange, it works differently than, say, school grades. If one or more Experts' proposals are accepted as answers, they should usually be given an A or B grade, since they have taken the time to provide you with a working solution. If a possible solution is incomplete - ask for clarification or details before accepting the answer and grading it. People should not be given lower grades because of incorrect grammar or because you just accepted their answer or comment to close the question. Keep in mind, your question and any follow-up comments should be focused so that there can be a specific answer. The following is a good guideline to follow when grading:

A: The Expert(s) either provided you with a thorough answer or they provided you with a link to information that thoroughly answered your question. An "A" can also be given to any answer that you found informative or enlightening beyond the direct question that you asked.

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C: Because Experts' reliability are often judged by their grading records, many Experts would like the opportunity to clarify if you have questions about their solutions. If you have given the Expert(s) ample time to respond to your clarification posts and you have responded to each of their posts providing requested information; or if the answers, after clarification, lack finality or do not completely address the issue presented, then a "C" grade is an option. You also have the option here of just asking Community Support to delete the question.

Remember, the Expert helping you today is probably going to be helping you next time you post a question. Give them a fair chance to earn an 'Excellent!' grade and they'll provide you with some amazing support.

Community Support Moderator

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