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Set file dialog to only pickup certain file types..

I only want to get zip and rar file type from the file dialog.... ive tried:
<INPUT TYPE="FILE" SIZE="60" NAME="FILE1" accept="application/x-zip-compressed">
              <INPUT TYPE="FILE" SIZE="60" NAME="FILE2" accept="application/zip">

in IE6 and none of these work... I can still pick any file type and all file types are shown....
1 Solution
This is how it suppose to work, but as of now, it is not supported on any of the browsers.
I think it isnt possible to get just zip files from file dialogue. But you can check it in javascript whether the file extention is .zip or not.

simlox -

As others have stated, you can't yet control what files appear in the Browse... dialog when using <input type="file">.  However, I have provided you here with a short validation script that checks to see what type of file was selected in the file upload control and raises an alert if the filetype is not a .zip or .rar.  It also prevents the user from submitting the form if the file type is not correct, since I am assuming you only want .zip's or .rar's uploaded.  In any case, I hope it helps out in some way! :-)


    <script type="text/javascript">
         function CheckFileFormat(sFilePath, bSubmitPressed) {

              var iLastIndex = sFilePath.lastIndexOf('.', sFilePath.length - 1);
              var sFileExtension = sFilePath.substr(iLastIndex + 1);

              if ((sFileExtension != 'zip') && (sFileExtension != 'rar')) {

                   window.alert('Please select a .zip or .rar file.');

                   if (bSubmitPressed) return false;

    <form name="myForm" action="myPage.html" method="post" onSubmit="JavaScript:  return CheckFileFormat(this.myFile.value, true);">
         <input type="file" name="myFile" onChange="JavaScript: CheckFileFormat(this.value, false);"><br>
         <input type="submit" name="mySubmit" value="Upload File">


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My solution may not have been perfect (better to do this on the server side), but I think my solution deserves at least a B for effort! ;-)

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simloxAuthor Commented:
sorry guys. i thought I had accepted this a long while ago.. and gator4life.. thanks again for the answer.. :)

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