Remove Office 2000 premium without the disk?

i have lost the disk to Office 2000 premium and wish to remove it as i have office xp on my system aswell. everytime i try and remove it, it asks for the disk.  Any sugestions?
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Yes... hang on Im looking for the tool now...

Here try this!

Or this, but you may have to re-install Office XP with this one as it may remove shared components

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Webby001Author Commented:
Or maybe it didnt work!
Hi there webby001, i had a similar problem and i first tried deleting the files seperetley, but sum couldnt be deleted so i tried tweakui which worked! so hope this is gud to u!

I said I'd get back and I have.

1st you need to uninstall office.

Then you need to get the program called eraser2k.exe, you can get it here -

When you run that file, it will extract the utility.  You then need to run the Eraser2000.exe file and it should do the rest.

You can if you wish manually run this utility with more control by running the Offcln9.exe file also included with this utility with the following switches

Switch       Description         Example
   /a        Aggressive mode.    Offcln9.exe /a
   /L        Create Log file.    Offcln9.exe /Lofflog.txt
   /L!       Log only. Do not    Offcln9.exe /L!offlog.txt
             delete anything.
   /q        Quiet mode.         Offcln9.exe /q
   /r        Restart system.     Offcln9.exe /a /q /r
   /s        Safe mode.          Offcln9.exe /s

So to do a secure and total removal logged and without prompt and self reboot, type at a command prompt :-

Offcln9.exe /a /Lremoved.txt /q /r

and your computer will never know office had ever been installed.

You may have to re-install some programs that use any of the office shared program files like "ACT!" or "SQL", but as you are going to re-install ofice anyway, that doesn't matter too much in your case.

One other note... this tool, according to microsoft, hasn't been tested with Windows XP, and to be used at your own discression under that operating system.

hope that helps! :)

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Webby001Author Commented:

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