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I'm having problems with the configuration of SmoothWall. It's a really annoying case.

I am the system administrator of a university network. I've been working here for hardly 5 months and when I arrived here there was (and actually still IS) a computer dedicated entirely to the function of "smoothwalling" (that means DCHPing, firewalling and intrusion detecting); but the computer has two bad points:
  1. It is a really old one nowadays
  2. Its DHCP is configured to give class C addresses and now we have more computers than class C addresses can supply.
So we have decided to buy a brand new one and I am the person in charge of configuring the last version os Smoothwall on it. I have installed it with the following configuration:
- GREEN ( + RED (
I have assigned the address to a computer connected to the GREEN network and I am able to ping from it to the new firewall (not to the old one nor to any of the other network computers, as they have class C addresses instead of B).Now, the problem comes when I try to ping to the outside of the network. This is the situation:
1. The network cables are OK and properly connected to the right network plugs and network adapters.
2. The RED NIC address is a valid one.
3. When I ping to the router of our service provider we have direct access to, the ping works fine, but I cannot ping to any other external address, for example, to the www.google.com address (; it says:
  "Reply from Destination host unreachable."

Can anyone help me with this (surely STUPID) problem?
Do you need more information about the actual configuration? Ask me and I will tell as soon as possible.
1 Solution
if u have manually set your ip address, also set dfault gateway to the ip of smoothwall and the dns entry to the green IP of smoothwall machine, if that still fails, try disabling the web-proxy cache and try again, again if it fails, try setting your network to use an external DNS server that is know working

might be worth testing the functions of smoothwall itself as its DNS proxy might be wrong

another question is when u setup the red interface, did you specify a default gateway/dns server, i know with our setup we have to default gateway thru our main router, which may be the problem.
cprietomAuthor Commented:
Man you just shot right in the eye.

The default gateway was misstyped. I was right when I said it was a STUPID problem.

Thanks a lot !

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