Remote controlling a PC on Windows XP


How can I take control of a PC running on XP while I am running 2000? Is it possible to use the new XP feature for Remote Access and using say Terminal Services on my machine? Please explain how i can do this, i am aware of PcAnywhere but would rather not pay for any software to achieve this (but i do have Terminal Services and MSDN subscription)

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Grab Tight VNC and put it on both machines.

It does the same thing as PC Anywhere, plus it's free.

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Not sure about your problem.  But as alternative you can look at WinVNC or TightVNC which are both free and easy to install.
Have you tried Netmeeting?  It's free and works like a charm.

It can be configured to start in the system tray so it's available.

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You can try VNC, we use it and is very good and it's free:
to do what you had originally asked, you would have to use the original CD and "Install additional windows components";  you will need to install IIS and Terminal Services.  Then you can use the same CD to install the terminal services client on your 2000 machine.  There is oodles and gobs of canned documentation out there to tell you how to do this.  

I have used all of the solutions mentioned above, and all of them will work, but each has its own drawbacks, so you should see what works best for you.  

The Terminal services client will be best if you are going to use domain security to keep the channel secure.  

If you will be using local NT security, you might want to use NetMeeting.  

VNC/TightVNC are fast and efficient, but are only single password protected, and tend to be veunerable to hack through attack, so only use them if both your controller and controlled PC are behind a firewall.

Good luck.


-Steven Yarnot
I'll back up Hendro's suggestion of RealVNC

I've looked into this quite extensively and I'd be surprised if there's a better product out there for this purpose.
To answer your question you can do this like you want.

The XP machine needs to turn on "Remote desktop" Right click on my computer and then the remote tab and click the check box.  You can now use terminal services to connect to the XP box.  According to MS  2000 cannot use the "remote assistance"

hope it helps
to clarify hbaber's answer, 2000 CAN control the XP, but cannot be controlled with remote assistance.


web-based remote desktop..

u just install it to host computer and make sure IIS is running, open port 3389 in router

then from client side... go to: http://Domain_OR_Ip_address_Of_your host/tsweb

choose resolution and login

Smallbee is correct. If you have a server running 2000 you will usually have IIS running. Go to MS site and download the tswebsetup to your server and install it. Then from your 2000 workstation or your 2000 server open a web page and type in the server address and share name (usually tsweb when installed). You will get a screen that says Remote desktop web connection and a screen to type in your XP workstations number. Of course you must have the remote desktop enabled from the XP machine.

Good luck :)
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