Issue with Coldfusion and Databases

I'm most familiar with ASP. I've learned a bit of Coldfusion in the past two weeks. Please forgive me if I sound ignorant.

The problem we're having: I two a Databases, each with a System DSN pointing to them on our web server.

One is an Access database.

The other is a pure SQL database.

I'm have code that accesses one database or the other based on certain criteria.

Due to my lack of knowledge, I'm mixing ASP and Coldfusion pages.

CreatePDF.cfm redirects to CreateParam.asp which redirects to MergePDF.asp which redirects to Email.cfm.

Once it's decided which database will be used, each page will try to open that database when it opens... it does it's thing... then redirects to the next page.

Problem being... Once I leave the first CFM page (CreatePDF.cfm) my first ASP page (CreateParam.asp) is unable to open the database. CreatePDF.cfm is basically holding the database hostage.

What can I do?

I've found code for DSN-less connections and in the code they can explicitly CLOSE the database, as I am used to in ASP, but it only works with CFServer 5. I can't code it that way with that kind of restriction.

I need to be able to close the Access and the SQL databases after ColdFusion is done with them so that the next page can open it.
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MalpheusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try going into the settings for your access database DSN in cold fusion administrator. Click the 'cf settings...' button and uncheck the box labeled 'Maintain database connections'.
xulaandoAuthor Commented:
That was exactly what I was looking for! I had a feeling it would be something to that effect!

I did also have rights problems. Since ColdFusion apparently doesn't care about the Windows 2000 security so much, it didn't need the Internet Guest account to have rights to the database. Once we gave the Internet Guest account rights and took out the 'Maintain database connections' it worked fine!

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