Stand by mode

Wile the computer is on and while i am working on it may suddenly close in the stand by mode. the stand by mode light is on and the key bored still has its power light on.

but after that nothing happens and i cant log back on again no matter what and the only way to restart the computer back is to disconnect the computer from the power supply then reconnect it back again.

And as u know all the work i was doing is lost.

Can any one help? is this a hardware problem or a software problem?

Note that i have a pentume 4 Gateway computer and i have two operating systems Win Xp and Win ME and the problem happens with both operating systems
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This is definitely a hardware problem.  Not all motherboards are able to use the Stand-by, or Hibernate mode options.  It might also be the result of some sort of RAM problem, but I'm pretty sure it's not.  My computer will crash when I try to use Hibernate mode, it's not all that uncommon.
As I understood your question, the PC goes to stand by mode while you are working on it right!!! then the cause could be from:

1. CPU is overheated, check your PC health from the Bios setup and if the CPU is overheated try and change your cpu fan or heat sink.

2. Problem with the RAM.if you have more than one RAM Module then try the "trial & Error" method remove one module and try to work on the PC if teh problem arises then remove the other module and install the one you took out earlier and try the method again.

3. Try and disable power save from the BIOS setup and windows.

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I let that part of your question slip my mind it seems.  If it's randomly going into stand-by, it could be possible that someone is playing a trick on you and set your computer to go into stand-by mode after a couple minutes.  Check your power options in the control panel and see what it's set to.

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