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How to run a router/switch behind a Netopia 4 port router

My previous router, a Flowpoint, recently died and with it went the set-up information. It died completely. I purchased a Netgear FVS318 8 port ADSL VPN/Firewall and switch. Ameritech would not provide me with the info (or support)to properly set up the the new Netopia ADSL modem I also purchased so I had to buy their Netopia Caymen 3000 series 4 port gateway pre-configured. I would still like to use the Netgear 8 port router/switch behind it. I have tried to set the wan side ip address of the Netgear router to the Netopia Caymen and let the Netgear router handle the DHCP duties by pointing the client pc's gateways to the Netgear router to no avail. I also tried to leave the DCHP duties to the Netopia gateway and point all client pcs to the the Netopia to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.
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Sounds like you need to setup a static route. Have you read the Manual for your new Netgear Router?


pay special attention to Chapter 8 (Static Routes).
basically whatever info you need on the other router (cant believe u bought it..) you setup the same in your netgear 1

You need to know if the ip is assigned,
if you login w/ a name and password,
or if it is static..

Static you just copy the info from your other 1.. basicall just grab a paper and pencil.. go into the crappy router - whatever the ip is to config it.. etc
login, go to the settings then write down the info.. Disconnect it.. go hookup the netgear, reboot your system and your cable modem (unplug and replug it in)
Or sometimes it will mess up (sounds stupid but trust me)

now setup the netgear router like your other was setup.

...btw arent most isp's doing dynamic always on connections.. Ie your conencted to the internet thru the modems MAC address, so all you have to do is auto detect and viola!

Need more tips let me know ;)

(static ip - watch for the ip.. ###.##.##.### .. DNS, domains - 255.0.1.etc..) write em down and just input the values into the new 1..)
or... call up your ISP, and say.. i lost the settings to my router by a power surge, and need the info again... what is my ip address, dns, etc

ip is an ip in any router ;)
if they wont give it to you when u say u have a ... its because they own stock in the company they "support" or have some sort of deal to sucker people into buying bad products ;)

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