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Outlook 2k login problems with DNS

This is our problem. We're having problems with Outlook 2k when setting up a local DNS server. Corporate office is located 100 miles from our site connect over a t1 line. They are running an NT 4.0 domain and we are running a 2000 domain with a trust.
Logins currently take near 5 minutes. When setting up DNS locally, logins work quickly, but Outlook has sporatic failures with logging in. Exchange server is located at the corporate office. Our corp office told us to kill our dns to solve the problem so logins now are long again. Outlook works fine now without our dns, but we'd like to resolve the login issue with name resolution.
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2 Solutions
I think outlook is a legacy app that still uses netbios first vs dns. Suggest setting up a WINS server with push/pull partership with the other Domain's WINS server. Point clients to the local one for primary and remote one for secondary. Same on the exchange server.

Test this theory with an LMHOSTS file on a select group of clients. Turn on DNS, then see the difference with outlook on clients with/without the LMHOSTS file.

digitalwavIT Infrastructure ManagerCommented:
lrmoore is on the right track, however you can acheive a similar affect by adjusting the order the Outlook hunts for the exchange server by adjusting it's bind order.

This microsoft article has more information on this behavior.


This article shows how to adjust the RPC bind order which controls how Outlook tries to contact the Exchange server:

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