Run second server's program from the first server's program

Hi, i have 2 servers (linux). I have perl programs in both the servers. how can I run a perl program of server-2 from the perl program of server-1. Both the servers are connected to the net. They have IP's.
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From the same user-ID (number & string), you can do this
using rsh; this way:
from server1:
   rsh server2 /usr/bin/perl /path/on/server2/to/prog2
and from server2:
   rsh server1 /usr/bin/perl /path/on/server2/to/prog1
vijayakumar_m10Author Commented:
if i tried the above one i am getting the message that connection timmed out
Try to do a "rsh remotehost". If you get a "Password:" prompt, then add "+host1" to $HOME/.rhosts on host2,
and add "+host2" to $HOME/.rhosts on host1.

Otherwise (if you do not get "Password:" prompt),
check whether there is a listener for this service
(edit /etc/xinetd.d/rsh file and set "enabled = yes",
and then "kill -1 xinetd"). Then try again.

If you have no root permissions, use may try to use ssh (secure shell), or more unsecure solution: using "expect" with "telnet" to 'speak' with remote system.
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Use ssh in either case; rsh (as well as telnet) is deprecated.
vijayakumar_m10Author Commented:
If i tried "rsh remotehost" i am getting the message as connectio refused. Now what i have to do
vijaya, please don't use rsh.  As I mentioned above, it's an obsolete service -- and in fact, it's not going to work anyway if the remote machine is not running the rsh server.

Use an ssh server on the remote host, and an ssh client on the local (client) host.
vijayakumar_m10Author Commented:
How can i run the program of the other server by using ssh client
ssh remotehost "remote_command here"

man ssh

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ssh works well; though you will have to properly set up the keys.

1) create a key with no password.
2) on the destination host put the public key in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
3) log in manually once to test the connection.
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