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Beginner Delphi

Hey i am all new to delphi and i am starting out making simple applications.  Once i have compiled then into .exe format they seem to be pretty large( 200k for a simple addition program for instance). I am assuming it is including a load of libraries that i dont need so how can i get rid of these, all i used was a button and 3 edit boxes! :)

Thanks in Advance!
1 Solution
200K is not bad, I think that is as low as it will get, but you can check a couple of things: 1) Go to menu, Project->Options->Packages and see if the check box "Build with runtime packages" and untick it. and try again...2)then at the same place remove some of the packages which are listed under the checkbox I mentioned above.

good luck
Lukasz LachCommented:
you can create your app with API instructions byt it's not the case. Your project has to be compoled with runtime pacages otherwise you will have to include vcl0X.bpl in your app directory or somewhere else, so that would give you the same size and 2 files with your program. So better not untick 'Build with runtime packages'.

And get youself UPX program:
Delphi executeables are always big, even if you compile an empty project. There's a lot of reasons why VCL compiled files are so big, but I wont get into it here, since that is an entirely different topic. But this is why the XCL/KOL project was started a while back.

Combine KOL with the UPX exe packer (mentioned above by anakin) and you can easily get executeables less than 10 kilobytes and full programs less than 40 kilobytes.
But this is only recommended if you really need the small executeables, specially since you said that you're a beginner. KOL is not as userfriendly as VCL.

You can read more about KOL at:
___Radian_Author Commented:
thank you,  the tick was not in the box and i put it in and they are down to 20k not compiled :)

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