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Win2K Server & XP Pro licensing question (easy points!)...

Please advise on the following scenario (multi-part question)...

I purchase a server with Windows 2000 Server that includes 5 Client Access Licenses.  I also purchase 10 workstations with Windows XP Professional.  I expect to have 5 other, "external" users connect through Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Advanced Client in Application Services mode; not Remote Administration mode) over the web each of which will be using either Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro.


1)  Not including the "external" users, do I need to purchase 5 more Client Access Licenses to be legal for my internal network?

2)  Do I need to purchase Terminal Services licensing to accomodate the 5 "external" users of the web interface?

3)  Does the use of XP Home in the "internal" LAN environment affect the number of CALs required to be legal?

4)  Any other obvious question I'm not asking but should be!!

Thanks and I look forward to your collective input!!

1 Solution
1.) No, make sure your licensing mode is in "per-seat", you techinaly have 15 CAL's becuase you get one with the XP machines as well. If you leave the licensing mode in "per-server" then only 5 people are going to be able to get to the server at one time.

2.) No, because these connections will be made externaly and you are allowed 5 with the purchase W2K Server. There are other issues realted to Terminal Services however that apply.

3.) No, when you purchase a client OS 1 CAL comes with it.

These articles should help some:

Terminal Services Internet Connector License and ASPs

Client License Assignment in Per Server Mode

Ok....here we go.

1)I would say yes you need 5 more CALs for your total of 10 workstations (running in per seat mode)  You need to use XP Pro if you are wanting to join domains.

2)No, if you run W2K Pro or XP Pro.  Both come with a built in Terminal Service CAL which is needed when WTS is ran in Application Mode.

3)No, but you will not be able to utilize Active Directory with XP Home users.

Hope this Helps,

1) You do NOT get a CAL with an XP Pro license so yes you need a CAL for every client PC that connects to your server.

2) No, XP Pro contains a 2k TS CAL.  Windows 2003 Server will, however, change all of that.

3) Yes, see #1.  Regardless of what's said, you need a CAL to use server resources.  You will also need a TS CAL if you intend on using TS with XP Home.  It's treated just like 98.  It's less expensive to buy XP Pro to start with.

It's been said here that a client OS comes with a server CAL.  2k Servers used as TS's require 2 different CALs.  One is the normal Server CAL for accessing the server.  The other is a TS CAL for using Terminal Services.  We just went through this with MS and a large customer.  We were directed that all client OS's require a server CAL no matter what resources are in use on the server and that any OS other than 2k (Pro or Server) and XP Pro require a TS CAL.
well that's all nice and clear then!! Thanks Microsoft.
colepcAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone who commented.  

I was able to confirm the crux of my scenario through a conversation with CDW Microsoft licensing rep...XP Pro (or home) does not come with a built-in CAL...each machine on the network with the 2K server must have its own CAL.  

The going rate is around $30 to $35 (Dell selling for $31.00) per individual CAL.

Thanks again.

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