Dynamic JPGs in seamless scroller

I am making a seamless horizontal scroller. I have done this by duplicating the Movie Clip and placing it on the left side of the existing movie clip. It works perfect until I pull jpgs into the movie clip.

When jpgs are in the movie clip they scoll but do not get pulled into the next duplicated movie clip. It appears they show up on every other duplicate. Strange! Can you use LoadMovie() clips and duplicateMovieClip() together?

Does this make sense?

I have placed the files online if you would like to see them.

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no ... u can't use duplicate movie with loaded jpg.
and even if u write functions to do it. it will still take some time to load again which will make ur scroll look ugly and jerky ...

instead ... maybe u would consider change the way it scroll, duplicateMovie is great, it looks smooth and all, using _x++ and set the frame rate to 30+ will also give u a good result (depends on the size of the scrolling object) ...


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