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I am thinking about installing a file sharing software systems.  For example, Imesh, KaZaa Lite, or eDonkey, to name a few.  (These are the ones that I know of, I am sure there are more?)
1. Which is the best choice out of all of them?    
2. What are some of the things that I should be concerned about?  
3. Are they hard to use?
My main concern is causing harm to my computer?
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WasteofSpaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Which is the best choice out of all of them?  

> It really depends on what you intend to retrieve from these services. Kazaa has a huge network presence, heavily involved in transfers of copywrited music/video, Imesh seems to revolve around distributing copywrited software.  

2. What are some of the things that I should be concerned about?  

> My concerns would be in abusing copywrite regulations, which could end up with legal concerns, the spread of viruses and internet worms, and the use of spyware in the P2P software installations.

3. Are they hard to use?

> Generally the interfaces are simple to use, just search for what you wish using keywords and categories (software, music, etc) double click and the file will commence downloads.

If you intend to use this software in a business sense be prepared that it will probably flood your internet bandwidth on a regular basis.
do you want to install it on your LAN or planning to use it for internet???
i am using KaZaa works fine on internet.
if you want to use it over just your lan, it wont work probabaly as it requires a server to login.
its not much hard to use.
ya but it might have legal implications if u download copyrighted stuff.
My concern would be safety, regardles which program you want to use.
Take care of the following things:
1. get an os with file protection (in MS it is Windows NT, Windows XP, and use NTFS partition). In this way you can regulate access to your files beyond the program.
2. get a firewall program (like Norton Personal Firewall / Internet Protect). Keep an eye who wants to access your pc and where.

There are not all good guys on the internet. Mutalated files and crashing systems are more common these days.
most of these come packaged with all kinds of junk, from bonzi buddy to gator/gain, date/time manager and newdotnet. stay away from these (unless you like a slow bogged down system and lots of popups). you can normally do a custom install and deselect this crap. (or find a 3rd party repackaged version such as kazaa 'lite').

keep your antivirus up to date. if you're concerned about people potentially getting into your computer from the outside. get a firewall. software firewalls aren't the greatest, but my pick is kerio personal firewall (free for home use). if you're on a high speed connection, pick up a broadband router (linksys, dlink, netgear, etc).

as far as which is best.. i have friends who swear by edonkey, however kazaa is quite simple to use.


kerio personal firewall:


if you use a software firewall, read this:
especially this bit:

Page7Author Commented:
I for the answers.  I don't think I will chance it.  My computer cost way to much.
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