OSX Installation question

simple one I think

just about to update to OSX 10.2 from 9.2,2

I'd like to wipe my disk when I install to get rid of any bugs etc

Got all the software I need for 10.2 and plan to reinstall 6 or so small programs from back up for 9

Am I right in thinking that the 10.2 install will also install a OS9 system on my mac?
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Good evening,

I have been using OS X (10.2.4) for about 6 months and really like it. There is a learning curve since there are significant differences from OS 9. You need to also consider the computer requirements. At a minimum, it needs to be a native G3 or G4; upgrades of early powermacs won't run OS X. Apple recommends a minimum of 128 MB RAM. I would suggest a minimum of 256 MB. You would also suggest a minimum of 6-10 GB hard drive. OS X likes lots of memory and lots of disk space. But memory and hard drives are fairly cheap now.

To your question, most of the installation disk sets for OS X that I have used do install both OS 9 and OS X. After installation, use the software updater (in the Preferences panel) to bring all of the Apple software up to date.

I have installed OS X on my iMac (450 MHz G3, 20 GB hard drive, 384MB RAM) and my older B/W G3 (upgraded to 500 MHz G4, 704MB RAM and 60 GB hard drive) and have been very pleased. I am currently using an eMac at home, which came with OS X installed. My whole family loves the machine. A lot of "bang for your buck".

I hope this is helpful.


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arheyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that. I'll be installing a UK version of 10.2 and hopefully that will install 9.

As you may have guessed I'm using quite an old mac (ibook clamshell, 366mhz, 320Mb RAM) which has a pitifully small hard disk (by today's standards) of only 6Gb and no way of attaching an external that i could boot from (USB connection only) or replacing the internal one.

The reason I want to wipe the disk when I install is to get rid of all the accumalated crap I've got on the drive that might scarf up unnecessary disk space as I understand OSX is pretty demanding.

Is the OS9 installed the 'classic' version I hear about and will I be able to boot into 9 if I so desire?
Yes, the OS 9 that gets installed is bootable.
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