AMD XP 2100+

Here is my current setup:

Nvidia Nforce 2 Mobo
Recently purchased AMD 2100+ processor

When I boot up my system is indicated an "AMD XP 1500+ Processor"

When I look at My Computer, it sayd "AMD 1500+ Processor"

What's going on here?
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This processor is more than likely intended to be run at a Front Side Bus of 133 Mhz. Check in BIOS setup that your FSB is set to 133 instead of 100 MHz.

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Sounds as if you got conned. Even if the numbers you see are the actual CPU clock speed, the 2100+ runs at 1.73 GHz, not 1.5

I would go back to the supplier and insist on the correct chip
Hope this solved your problem. Glad to have helped. Thanks.
FrizbayAuthor Commented:
That was the problem, jauster, thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.
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