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put script in mysql

how to put my pages on mysql databases so i just need only one page and one database. other pages is in the database. because, the script just act as a text!! is anyone can inside pictures and docs too?
i'm sorry if this question is double, cause i just can't find it on paq. thx.
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stisAuthor Commented:
please, i need urgent.
pls make a blob field in you database and put your image code there and for rest text paes you can simply create text field.... it will work fine.
Put blob fields in their own table. Otherwise, they will slow down your queries.
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A blob field is the only kind of field that will hold anything other than text.  A blob field will hold images, sound, whatever you like.  But like was stated earlier, this is something you want to keep in a separate table from the rest of your information, then do a query on multiple tables when you need to reference it.
W00t! My place. I know all about this, and I know how to do it.

Alright what you need to do:

Insert the PHP code into the blob field.

To run the code:

// Make sure you connect to your mysql database
$sqlr = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME_HERE where id=_ID_OF_THINGY");
while ($sr = mysql_fetch_array($sqlr)) {

I keep an ID columm in all my tables to do the exact thing above. I also have the colum CODE as a blob for PHP coding....

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