2nd WAN route using VPN

We currently have a frame relay circuit connecting our remote sites to our Head Office using a 64K connection.  This connection is running slow for all of our applications, which include telnet, HTTP, FTP, Email Exchange.  

What I would like to do is to install Windows 2000 servers at each remote site and establish a VPN connection via ADSL (or similar) for specific traffic, for example I would like telnet traffic to use our existing 64k link while HTTP and other traffic to use the VPN.

How can I achieve this?
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First off, you should be able to enable data compression on the frame-relay circuit to increase throughput.

Next, if you install DSL lines, that is Internet connection and you will need to install a firewall at both ends. Since you have a firewall, if you picked a good one, you can do a simple lan-lan VPN tunnel. Now you can use the 64k Frame as your backup because this one should be so much faster, or you can use it for normal browsing, etc. and dedicate your 64k connection for specific business functions only.

Cisco PIX 501 makes it a snap, so would something like a Linksys VPN SOHO broadband router.

My personal opinion only - Microsoft will never sell a router, and Microsoft will never sell a (secure) Firewall. So, while Jivko's suggestion to setup the VPN server-server may be viable, IMHO it is not a secure configuration.

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