Not able to pass command line parameters

Since a while ago, I cannot pass any command line parameters to a windows program. It seems like it's just ignoring the extra parameters I am sending.

Command switches in a DOS box do work however.

ie. Running a HLDS server with a shortcut (hlds.exe -game blabla) , starting any game with parameters .

I suppose it should have something to do with a wrapper that is around all my exe files or something, but cannot find any info about this strange behaviour.
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put the command line in quotes; "-game blah etc"
ProfidiamAuthor Commented:
This does not work either, when I run the command with parameters from another "helper" program, like HLSW or gamespy, the extra parameters are ignored.

Your suggestion, to try
D:\games\Half-Life\hlds.exe "-game cstrike"
in the "target" window doesn't help. I cannot put the entire command in quotes, because windows won't let me.
wrong way round - put the initial string in quotes

"d:\games\half-life\hlds.exe" -game cstrike
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ProfidiamAuthor Commented:
I should have said this more clearly, but chenging the quote doesn't help me either
Have you tried with MS Windows apps too? Something like excel myfile.xls from Start, Run does running ?
ProfidiamAuthor Commented:
this is also something that doesn't work, I created the file, and from the same dir. I tried excel test.xls , and it opened  a new workspace, and not the specified xls file.
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