How to create a Boolean data type in ORACLE?

HI all,

     Can u pls tell me HOw to create a BOOLEAN data type in ORACLE. Actually I am changing my database from Access to oracle. so I need to change this. I tried in oracle with following syntax:

                   CREATE TABLE EMPLOYEE(
                           EMP_NO    NUMBER,
                           EMP_NAME  VARCHAR(20),
                           SEX       BOOLEAN
                           SALARY    NUMBER(6,2));

  the error was            ERROR at line 1:
                           ORA-00902: invalid datatype
Please help and if u have any other solution let me know immediatly.

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nages_21Author Commented:
I am using oracle version 8.1.


Unfortunatley, Oracle doesn't support a BOOLEAN datatype for columns - I think it is a shame.  You have 2 choices:

1) col NUMBER(1,0) CHECK (col IN (1,0))

2) col VARCHAR2(1) CHECK (col IN ('T','F'))

(or 'Y','N' or whatever you like really)

Mind you, I wouldn't want to use a BOOLEAN value for a column called SEX (unless it means "does he/she like sex?" or something!)  What does SEX=TRUE mean - male or female?

For this, I would use:

sex VARCHAR2(1) CHECK (sex IN ('M','F'))

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No Boolean data type present in Oracle.

You can user CHAR or NUMBER datatype for your requirement. Create filed with datatype CHAR(1), or a NUMBER(1) and allow values such as Y/N, or 0/1 respectively. You can use constraint also on the field so that you can have only the allowed values.

Dear all

Boolean type exists in Oracle, but not for DDL!
Your can use Boolean in PL/SQL procedures.

If you need to use booleans in table, just use:
NUMBER(1,0) CHECK (col IN (1,0))
like andrewst mentionned before.

For status, types and so on... (like sex: there are 2 main states: M and F (in this case, cannot be NULL)),use a varchar2(<length>) with CHECK option and the list of values.

Avoid using NULL value in such fields (status, types...), it is better to use default values like 'UNKNOWN' or '?'... Avoid full table scans and lack of performance when querying on NULL values ;oD

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