Restore activation key from WIN XP

I installed WIN XP on my pc and I must re-format it. Is it possible to read my actual activation key and to insert it after my new installation ?

Thank you
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Just go back online - if the hardware hasn't changed it will re-register okay.

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but dont forget after 3-5 (i dont remeber how many) times u can not activate it online..u need to call microsoft for they gave u a new key
Of course! You can activate your PC with that valid key both online or by phone. If it's not a pirate XP, of course.
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I don't think you'll have any luck.

When you register with ms your pc sends or displays a # they use to give you a corresponding # and the # will be different each time when you need to reactivate it again.

They may see a little sceptic if you need to call, but the'll activate it for you.

Hope this helps.

Or maybe you will try this, but read completely.
Backing up wpa.dbl may work, but there will PROBABLY be some problems if you do this instead of register online or make a phone call. If you don't do any changes to your PC, just log on to Microsoft's website and activate it. If you make some changes to it and the website refuses to activate it, make a phone call.
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