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Motherboard failure?

My PC doesn't give any beep, all the power LED are on the CPU fan is running, but nothing on the screen. not even the noise of the memory check or the HDD. There was a funny noise and a smel before this happens.
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It could be a fried motherboard.  Check the back of the power supply and make sure that it is switched to the 115 V position.
There are three possibilities:
1. Power box in gone. Less likly because power LED is on.
2. CPU is gone. No POST. Likly.
3. MB is gone. Likly.
Forgot about advice:
Check if MB speaker is connected.
1.Reseat power connector.
2.Reseat CPU.
3.Reseat memory.
4.Remove everything but video (reseat it).
5.Try CPU and power box with similar machine (same type of CPU and same type of power).
Single beep means that it is ok, series of beeps something - is bad but power is ok, CPU and MB is probably ok but most likly memory has problems. Precise codes for beeps can be found on BIOS sites. Also they are not so precise. I had beeps meaning "CPU cache is bad" when it was memory.  
You can also post with no video card.  The BIOS should beep indicating a bogus video ram error.

Most motherboard can be powered without memory.  The BIOS should beep indicating a bogus first 64K ram error.

When you finally get the beeps, you've found the problem!
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