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Making a boot floppy with rawritewin.exe

I am desperate...please help me. I've downloaded Suse 8.0, an I am trying to make a bootable floppy. I tryed almost evrything(Rawrite, Rawritewin, CDMate, Nero...etc) Whenewer I try tu burn boot.iso on floppy or CD, the result is not a bootable medium. When I reboot it just starts the Windows, even though I have BIOS set up as it should be(Boot from CD1, then CD2, then Floppy and then from HDD)

Please Help ME!!!
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1 Solution
Try to do as follows:
copy the following files


then use Rawrite to create the 3 disks and boot from the first disk
Boot from floppy and at the bootpromt enter the installation source:

    linux install=ftp://ftp_server/directory

Remember to substitute 'ftp_server' and 'directory' with the appropriate values (e.g. install=ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/i386/8.0 if you're installing from the SuSE ftp server).
Alternatively, choose 'manual installation' and configure the network in the installation program.
IIRC boot.iso is the boot diskette(s) wrapped up in a format for burning to a CD, so leon_73 is very correct in his advice.
Suse doesn't provide readymade downloadable ISO images of the complete install, unlike most other distributions.

-- Glenn

ssdjgru1Author Commented:
ammm....I alredy downloaded all kinds of boot.iso, but when I unpack them on floppy or CD the result is a NON BOOTABLE medium.
Ah yes, but that is the thing, boot.iso is the _wrong file_ to try putting on a diskette.

This is a swedish mirror for 8.1: http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Linux/distributions/suse/suse/i386/8.1/boot/

The files to get is bootdisk and all the modules*.
Boot from the rawritten bootdisk floppy.

Sometimes the BIOS will not honour the El torrito method on some "bootable CDs", so that isn't unexpected as such.
Dissapointing, frustrating... yes:-).

Also note that this will only boot the install, and that the rest will be performed over the network (that is in part why you need the modules).

If you don't like it, simply choose another distro:-).

-- Glenn
ssdjgru1Author Commented:
I gave up!
I have made everything, but now the result is a floppy, that hangs my computer. Somebody sucks here...is that SuSE or me? :)

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