join 98se client to nt server domain 90pts

Posted on 2003-03-07
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
running 98se on new client. its taking the place of the old computer in its place.

not at first, but after difficulty connecting to domain, i removed the node4 ( comp identity in server and in netwrk neighborhood ) from the server management for domains console in nt.

i then added it again.

i set wins & gateway to the same value they were in the old. ditto on the subnet

the server does not assign ip's so i assigned one manually, one that had nvr been used on this network.

we are using client for m/soft networks.

it iwll not join the domain. the network logon screen at startup tells me there is no server to verify my password!!

i can ping the server. i can find the server using a find computer command on the client.

i then tried using the small biz server console on the server. it has a wizard for connecting to the domain by automating some of the manual functions in netwrk nbrhood. it involved making a floppy and running a setup.exe from the client, then rebooting. i tried that and i still cant be validated by the server.

ive posted this in a cpl of other forums, but no replies. i have searched m/soft KBase but im not knowledgeable enough on the topic to really know what im looking for.

can anyone give me some pointers or a link to step by step instruction on how to add a new computer to an nt domain? i'm a first timer to networking, so some basic knowledge would be helpful as well. the user manual for the server is useless!! sorry about only offering 90 points but its all i have on my account. what would really be great is if you could come to my office and do it for me :-)

edit. oops, i forgot to mention its a shared dsl internet connection. all clients connect to an artsoft 800tc connectrator. the leds are all green and the activity light on the particular connection in question blinks when i try to connect at logon. i thought that might be pertinant.

thank you in advance
Question by:rambach
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Expert Comment

ID: 8091265
G'day, rambach

From a DOS prompt on this PC, try
C:\>net view
C:\>nbtstat -c
C:\>ipconfig /all (make sure WINS server entry is correct)

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Expert Comment

ID: 8091887
first a 98 computer can't join a domain (only the user, not the machine) only NT/w2k/xp can have a machine account
next try an lmhosts file on the new 98 box
use the #PRE and #DOM tags
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Expert Comment

ID: 8093453
Try changing the name of the 98 computer.If it is a new machine with and old machine`s name, it may not connect as the server will have a name mismatch.

Another workaround is to set the domain name as a workgroup name on the 98 client, then change it to a domain.
I have found in the past that win98 clients will sometimes not "see" the server, but found that the above seemed to kick it in.

The lmhosts file should work too.
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Author Comment

ID: 8103743
thank you all for your replies, however i think i found the sticking point. the shared directory on the server is missing. was known as s:>  , now is MIA.

i dont know how to restore it. im poking around in the restore options in nt, but it wont recognize the tape thats in. keeps kicking it out. the restore job will begin, only to be interupted by a alert stating please insert media labled ,blah blah blah.

btw - im using veritas backup software. im about to try the admin tools backup and see if that makes a difference.

i also am trying to restore from the backup server. it connects properly, but then the tape problem occurs. i think ill try to restore from the other option available which is sony0. thats out tape dirve. hopefully it will make the difference.

any and all comments are welcome to help me sort this out.

the message the clients get during log on is that windows cannot complete set up, error 0x2. im searching for that error now as well, but i would bet it has something to do with the missing directory on the server!
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Expert Comment

ID: 8106739
Hmmm, now I don't understand. what is this about setup?
>the message the clients get during log on is that windows cannot complete set up
I thought 98 was already setup??
are you trying to run setup from a shared directory using a network client disk?

Author Comment

ID: 8111004
the setup refers to a windows function that was trying to run from the start menu. i fixed that .
the logon script would not execute because it was located in the shared directory.
i was able to restore the shared directory only, and by doing so, restored the script. all existing workstations are back in working order.

however, my original problem still exists.

the 2  ( was 1, now 2) new workstations will not join the existing domain.

sbs console was a bad move on my part. i think thats what overwrote the s: directory. i know for a fact that any additions to the network should be able to config'd from the clients netwrk nieghborhood. ( with the exceptions of troubleshooting.

i have my network back which is really important, but these 2 new clients are pissing me off.

i have checked every setting on all the tabs. i have compared the settings to the other clients. i have specified an ip address that is unique in our network and i have enabled wins, and gateway.
client for m/soft networks is set properly as well. i have not added any new users to the domain, and i am using the admin logon to attempt all these changes.

i have also named these computers with names previously unused in the network.

im stumped. what else is there to do? i've followed the m/soft KB to the letter on this. if i try to get properties on the network from the desktop icon, it tells me no network exists. if i do a search for other computers i see the server right away, and can access/browse its files.

however, every logon it tells me no server exists to validate passsword?
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Expert Comment

ID: 8114208
Sounds like a problem with netbios names.
Check in tcp/ip properties that you have netbios over tcp/ip enabled.

From a command prompt, run "ipconfig /all (may be winipcfg on some versions of win98)" on the new clients and an existing one.
Compare the results.


Author Comment

ID: 8131335
no one could answer though i thank you for your attempts. i called in an "expert", or a guy who will take my money whether he fixes it or not.

setup btw - it was sbs adding itself to my start menu items that was causing the setup failure. sbs console is not what was used to network these clients so it was not needed nor recognized.

finding that out still did not help the original problem and im stumped which is why im paying for a guy to come to my loc and let him worry about it.

question withdrawn.
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Expert Comment

ID: 8132274
Hmmm, I saw no mention that the lmhosts file was tried

Author Comment

ID: 8136266
sorry steve, i did faithfully try all suggestions, in some cases several times.

i even went so far as to copy the lmhosts from another client and put in this workstation.

trust me when i say that i wanted to find the answer here and was willing to try anything b4 i called in outside help.

the path to the logon script could not be found, so it had to be pointed to it. if anyone even mentioned that, even if i couldnt fix it myself, i would of awarded the points.
it was located at s:\\server01\netlogon\default.bat in case that helps anyone in the same jam i was in. s: being the shared dir in the server.

my account deducted the points anyway, so ill read through the responses again and award the points to whoever was closest.
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Expert Comment

ID: 8139868
If we weren't able to help, go here
and request a point refund
be sure to include a link to this question in the body of that one

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ID: 9153200
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