How to extend timeouts in Internet Explorer?

When browsing over a slow internet connection, I often get little red cross icons where pictures are due to icons/jpgs etc not downloading fast enough.

I can right click, and select show picture and they will eventually appear.

Is there anyway of extending the timeout period, so that I can view the icons without having to right-click on each one?
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You can speed up your Internet connection so that the red X do not happen. Update your modem driver. Create a DNS Hosts file.
pjedmondAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for the ideas. The connection is actually a University ethernet connection. I do not have any control over the infrastructure, and the driver is the latest one that came with the board.

During peak times I'm gettin ping response times that are often 400-900ms, which is way too slow, so I suppose that after downloading the page, the process of having read the html, and going back for the icons is *just* too long?

Going round to each of mey neighbours in the corridor and pulling the plug on their PCs if they are downloading loads of MP3s and mpegs is *not* an option! I'm looking for anything that I can do with my PC.
Hello piedmond. Unfortunately, you cannot extend timeout preiod through your browser configurations.

There are some softwares in the market which can help you to speed up your Internet connection without having to upgrade your hardware. E.g. Propel Accelerator, Ascentive's Webrocket (Windows only). You can try the trial versions or download some sharewares from:

Some universities do not allow students to install own softwares on univeristy's PC. If this is the case, then I recommend you to surf after peak hours (e.g. early in the morning where everyone's still fast asleep) or pay some money, go to an Internet cafe (believe me, it's worth it :p).

Hope I helped ya!

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pjedmondAuthor Commented:
Not really a solution, but it's stopped me wasting time looking for one! - Many thanks:)
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