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We have a backup/recovery system in place but management is concerned with the human interaction aspect of the system and is interested in other possible solutions that would minimize the human interaction more or eliminate the interaction completely such as online backups to a third-party provider.  However, we have received conflicting advice from various sources and we want to bring in a consultant that is not selling their own product or some other product to give us an independent review and analysis.  Does anyone know of any such consultants?

Thank you for your help.
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jkennedy12Author Commented:
Location is Oklahoma.

I don't know of any such in Oklahoma, but I can give some guidlines.

Minimizing huma interaction:
1. Make sure the tape loader will be able to take one full backup and differential backups for the rest of week.
2. Exchange tapes once a week, either putting them into a saftey deposit box or getting som company come fetch them and store for you.
3. Every month put one such set away, and maybe one for eavery year.
4. Get tape sets back in rotation, this depends on how long you think backup need to be stored, my advice is no more then a year, in real life todat I would say it's almost impossible to restore 6 month old stuff back without creating a major pain and problems.

This minimizes human errors. Having one tape on each servers and having 20-30 servers, then you are begging for trouble and missed backups and such.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg
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I also do not know of any consulting companies in the Oklahoma area... one suggestion though.
Mirroring....  Our company uses mirroring for their systems and it works like a charm....
Good Luck !!
Let me know if this is something you would like to pursue and I can provide much more details.

You shouldn't rely on mirroring alone. Don't neglect backups. Since there will always be the case where you or a user will need that file that was there last week but is now gone, with mirroring you can't get that file.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg
As well as staff costs, there is the maintenance of tape drives and the purchase of consumables, and storage costs, all of which can add up to considerable sums in a large organisation.

If you have sufficient servers to backup, outsourcing this activity could bring big benefits.

However factors to consider would be cost of sufficient redundant bandwidth, 3rd party escrow should your backup company go bust with your archived data. How this fis in with your current service levels for backup and restore cases. Security of your data offsite etc etc.

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