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A very basic question about simple networking.

I have a NetGear FS108. I have a Dell with a cable modem for internet access. In the other room, I have a 5 year old Gateway with a 56k modem plus a Etherfast card. My question is...If I have a large file i.e. 300MB, would it be possible to send it from the Dell to the GateWay? Also, if I need to download anything to make it work, please tell me. I got the FS108 from my brother, he only gave me this and the Etherfast card. I am very new to this so please try to help me understand. Thank You!
1 Solution
All you need is an ethernet card in each machine and an ethernet crossover cable. You join the two PCs using the crossover cable. Set up Internet Connection Sharing on the PC with the cable connection, this will assign this PC with the IP address, assign a workgroup name and install Client for Microsoft Networks. Next set up the second PC to match the first except the address will be If you are using 2000 you will need to have accounts set up on each PC that match so that you can share files etc easily. You can now share resources from either PC to the other, and you can transfer your large file that you wanted to.


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