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Refused SMTP Relay

Heres a head scratcher.. my email server seems to have been working right for a while now.. suddenly one of my clients seems to have troubles sending emails to a particular address.

Heres what it looks like in the log file:

Mar  7 21:22:42 www postfix/smtp[25631]: connect to symaptico.ca[]: Connection refused (port 25)

Mar  7 21:22:42 www postfix/smtp[25632]: C1B09FDE6: to=<anonymous@symaptico.ca>, relay=none, delay=370212, status=deferred (connect to symaptico.ca]: Connection refused)

Keep in mind i have several domains hosted on my server.

My best guess is that sympatico.ca is configured to refuse the connection from my server to deliver mail to it as an anti spamming measure and that it may be due to my server being configured to host multiple virtual domains.

If this is the case what is the best way to configure my own server so connections to SMTP servers configured like sympatico.ca will not be refused in the future?
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Unless you have Administrator access on sympatico.ca, there is nothing you can do. Your best bet is to trap for the error, and then try a different SMTP server that will allow relaying. A mail relay is ripe fruit to a spammer, so they are rare on the internet. You might have to access a mail server behind a firewall that has relaying enabled.
Nick AccadSystems AdministratorCommented:
sympatico.ca is not a mail server, there is no MTA running
on that IP, emails going for symatico.ca should go to the
MX hosts, u can look them up using host -t mx sympatico.ca

sympatico.ca mail is handled by 5 smtp12.sympatico.ca.
sympatico.ca mail is handled by 5 smtp26.bellglobal.com.
sympatico.ca mail is handled by 5 smtp27.sympatico.ca.
sympatico.ca mail is handled by 5 smtp28.sympatico.ca.
sympatico.ca mail is handled by 5 smtp29.sympatico.ca.

your postfix installation did not find the MX record for
sympatico.ca so it tried to send to the host directly.

check your name servers and your postfix configurations.


illumnisAuthor Commented:
Odly enough when i sent my own email to sympatico support it went through.I dont know if ill still have problems or if that was just a temporary DNS failure. but thanks for the help, I thought I was accidentally blacklisted by sympatico or something crazy.
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