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"Cannot read from the source file or disk"?

Hey all..im here again with a problem i hope someone can help me with.

I got 2 files on my disk i cant "delete" or "rename", the files are:


when i try to delete them it says: "Cannot rename file: Cannot read from the source file or disk".
Also when i try to "change type of file" the(DX81NT:1.exe) ,and change it to a .fla file, every f..... exe files on my computer opens with a flash(fla) file??

Is there a software to remove that kind of files or have any some ideas what i can do to remove them?
Its wierd and a pain in da ass..heh
What can i do?

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2 Solutions
logitexasAuthor Commented:
Oh..i have win xp

<HR WIDTH="20%">
This sounds similar to a siuation I ran across in Windows2000.  <BR>
What was strange: I didn't know about the filesystem error <BR>
right away - one symptom I experienced was Photoshop would hang when accessing <BR>
(reading from or saving to) a logical drive.  But,  if I right-clicked the <BR>
file from within Windows Explorer,  and chose "open with",  then selected <BR>
Photoshop,  I could open a file on that drive,  because the application <I>itself</I><BR>
wasn't accessing the disc!<p>

I had already ran chkdsk,  scandisk (full surface scan),  and defragged.  Still  the problem.  <p>
Well,  about a week later,  I stumbled upon a weird &quot;file&quot; (whose name I can't recall),<BR>
and I had the same problem you are having with it.  Worse,  it didn't show up<BR>
at the command prompt - only in the explorer shell.  This was a <I>phantom namespace</I>!<P>
Well,  a friend and I put our heads together,  and solved both problems,<BR>
'killing two birds with one stone'. I made a copy of the offending 'phantom' <BR>
file,  <B> in the same directory </B>,  and then renamed it  as the original 'file', <BR>
without the 'copy of' prefix.  Then,  I deleted the file,  and didn't get an error<BR>
this time.  Better yet,  Photoshop could now access the drive normally without<BR>
hanging teh application.<P>

Don't ask me <I>how</I> renaming the file worked,  because I am not really sure.<BR>
Here's my educated guess: my copying the namespace created a file for that namespace,<BR>
and since the original namespace wasn't really a file,  Windows didn't complain<BR>
when I renamed the copy over itself.  <P>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;sound confusing?<BR>
<HR WIDTH="20%">
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;It's worth a try.  :-)

Sorry about the html.  I didn't know  it was turned off.


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What directory are the 2 files
contained in and what "properties" are shown against them?

Are they "temp" files created by a paricular programme which is running as a process?
Why are you trying to change the extension to .fla?
Have you some knowledge that these files are related to Macromedia Flash or should open with flash?
Have you tried changing the extension to any other file type?
I assume that, if you change the extension to .TXT, all .exe files will try to open with notepad.

Maybe a coincidence, but could the first file be related to DirectX 8.1 for Windows NT?
No comment has been added lately (312 days), so it's time to clean up this TA.
I will leave a recommendation in the Cleanup topic area for this question:

RECOMMENDATION: split points between gyrgrls http:#8094933 and BillDL http:#8096516

Please leave any comments here within 7 days.

-- Please DO NOT accept this comment as an answer ! --


EE Cleanup Volunteer
First of all, don't change "type of file" on .exe files or any other files for that matter unless you know what you are doing!

My solution:
Move any important files out of that directory other than the ones you can't change/delete.
Log into Windows in safe mode.
Go to start -> run and type " cmd " without quotes.
Change to the directory on the command prompt that you are having problems by typing
" cd FULL_DIRECTORY_NAME_HERE ".  Example: " cd C:\temp\garbage\other "
Then exit out of that directory (type " cd.. " ) so that when you type " dir " you see the directory in the list on the prompt.
Type "rmdir DIRECTORY_NAME_HERE /s"  Example: " rmdir other /s "
Then type "y" to agree to removing the directory and ALL FILES IN IT.  That worked for me when I had a file that was there but unreadble.  I say log into safe mode in case there is a registry setting that is trying to access that file while Windows is running.  If there is you may want to remove that registry property too but I don't recommend messing with the registry or removing any files that Windows normally uses while running.
It looks like we will never find out how these "files" were created, but I doubt they were "files", because Windows would not have allowed the  :  (invalid character) in the file name.  More likely they were created from some other process and, without feedback as to why logitexas assumed they should be associated with macromedia flash, any suggestions were about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

I would agree that the comments by myself and gyrgrls may have been relevant and would have certainly helped to solve the problem by a process of elimination.
That last comment was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.  Let me show my thanks for trying to make my post seem worthless, and for now giving me a reason to waste a lot of time explaining the problems with past posts.

It is ridiculous to assume (from a previous post of someone) that changing the extension of a filename from .exe to .txt will make all other .exe files open with notepad.  What logitexas meant was he managed to change the registered extension .exe so that it opened with a Flash program (which he probably chose at random by accident).  I did something like that on an older operating system like '98 but not XP.  I don't know how he did it, but he most likely formatted his computer and forgot about this post 311 days ago.  I don't care about the points - I wrote my last post for future people who come across similar problems, seeing as how I stumbled across that problem and logitexas' post two days ago, AND it seems none of the posts gave a satisfactory solution.

About creating files with ":" in them - it can be done.  Just because Windows checks for such mistakes when a user creates a file doesn't mean that all programs that create, or even transfer files from say Unix (or Macintosh) to Windows will account for this error, meaning basically someone coded an imperfect error-catching program (Oh that NEVER happens!).  I recently sent a file named
"database1. "
from my Mac to a Windows XP computer by accident through Appleshare when I was backing up my email attachments folder.  Yes, there is a space there at the end of the file and it showed up that way on my XP computer (noticeable when trying to rename the file).  No, Windows does not allow such files to be created; it's supposed to check for this error upon file creation but maybe the file was created differently than the way Windows checks for it??  Anyway, I used the method from my last post to remove that file from my Windows XP folder.

Just because Windows doesn't allow the creation of such files doesn't mean DX81NT:1.exe is not a "file."  If you disagree, please tell us what it is then if it isn't a file!  Think of the structure of storage in an operating system; why would there be a "non-file" that can be created and stored in the place of a normal file?  It seems possible to me that a file was created and managed to get around the error-checking algorithm(s).

gyrgrls has a good example of a glitch from a program that tried to create a file and failed, but I imagine that my solution could have fixed his problem too.  The idea is that this is a plausible attempt to rectify a posted problem.  Is that not what this forum is for?

Again, my solution is basically:
Start Windows in safe mode (hold down the F8 key before the Windows startup screen) to be pretty sure that no registered programs are accessing the folder.
Make a folder and call it tempfolder or whatever you want.
Move all other files out of the folder (containing the bad file) into that folder.
Open a command prompt and forcibly delete the folder with the bad file by
"rmdir BADFOLDERNAMEHERE /s"    without the quotes and your folder name instead of what I typed in caps.
Go back and rename the temp folder to the name of the folder you just deleted and put it in the directory that folder came from.

And again, I don't care about points; I just like helping people with tech issues, seeing as how I do it as a side job outside of high school anyway.  I would give points to gyrgrls for providing a solution that may not have ever been explained in a forum before.


Unfortunately you have unfortunately misinterpreted my comment for a couple of reasons:

1.  Your comment was NOT there below the cleanup question when I posted mine.  This was MY error, and was simply due to the fact that I had not "reloaded" the question in the interim period and was seeing a cached page minus your comment.

2.  My comment was intended as a direct reply to the Administrative prompt for suggestions and was quite specific.  You have latched onto the "chocolate teapot" expression, assuming it to be in direct reference to YOUR comment.  What obviously made it seem so cynical about your post was that I stated:

"WITHOUT FEEDBACK as to why logitexas assumed they should be associated with macromedia flash, ANY SUGGESTIONS were about as useful as a chocolate teapot".

Please remember that I had NOT seen your comment.  From the cached page I was viewing, I was commenting directly underneath the Cleanup comment which suggested:

"RECOMMENDATION: split points between gyrgrls and BillDL"

This is most unfortunate, and I apologise if this appeared to slight what you had actually posted.  My motives are made more clear when you read the final 2 lines of my comment:
"I would agree that the comments by myself and gyrgrls may have been relevant and would have certainly helped to solve the problem by a process of elimination".

Clearly this was NOT in reference to your highly detailed and very pertinent suggestions in the comment I had not seen, but rather as a note of disappointment that the questioner had failed to provide any feedback to address my (and others') questions to clarify the situation since 8th March 2003.

I have to take issue with part of your comment in relation to what I stated in my comment ie. "Without feedback.....any suggestions were...".  You stated:

"It is ridiculous to assume (from a previous post of someone) that changing the extension of a filename from .exe to .txt will make all other .exe files open with notepad.  What logitexas meant was.....managed to.....probably chose at random....I don't know how he did it....most likely...."

Firstly, that referenced comment was MINE, and was not intended as a solution, but rather as a way of TESTING the cause by elimination.  It was intended to ellicit feedback and no more.

Secondly (as I have stressed) neither you, nor I, actually KNOW what logitexas meant because the question was ambiguous to the point that it required a further explanation which was never fed back to us.

Thirdly, you summarised EXACTLY what my comment was intended to mean when you stated "...I stumbled across that problem....AND it seems none of the posts gave a satisfactory solution".  Exactly my point.

Lastly, you suggest giving the points to gyrgrls for providing a solution that may not have ever been explained in a forum before.  While I DO find the possibile similarities that this scenario bears to the that of logitexas, it is still only a hypothesis but was nevertheless worthwhile trying.  In the last 2 lines of my comment, I was agreeing with the cleanup volunteer's suggestion:

"RECOMMENDATION: split points between gyrgrls and BillDL"

UP TO THAT POINT, only gyrgrls and myself had commented.  Yours came in AFTER the Cleanup suggestion.  Personally speaking, if a member fails to provide feedback after almost 10 months, then it is hardly worth attempting to guess whether the solution to an apparently similar problem MAY have worked.  My sentiments are echoed in that "fated" comment of mine.

Let me say again.  My oversight in not reloading the question has created a comment out of sequence that seems to ridicule you.  This was NOT intended.

Thank you, SpazMODic

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