Compaq Multibay Expansion Base working or not?

A friend of a friend has a Compaq 5380 laptop with a Compaq Multibay Expansion Base (i.e. docking station). It's a Series 2885 Part No 213700-001
she uses to access a CD-ROM, as there is none on the laptop.

When plugged in no lights come on or sounds come from it. The Compaq slides onto it and docks through the port but nothing on the station is accesible to the laptop (e.g. mouse or CD).

I just need to know how I can tell if the station is working (it doesn't seem like it). If so can it be fixed otherwise I am inclined to suggest an external CD if she wants that functionality.
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I got the exact same setup from e-bay a few weeks ago. To test the station, make sure it is plugged in, and insert the laptop with the monitor stand taken off the base, and the laptop screen open.
When the laptop is docked Windows 95, which is the standard for the machine (Although I put 98SE on mine...) should change the hardware profile to "dock 1". If it's not there, the machine should say "default" or something similar.You can check this in the system folder in the control panel, under "Hardware profiles".

If it doesn't work, consider re-installing Windows with laptop configuration, In case windows doesn't see the dock because it doesn't expect it.

If it still doesn't work after that, it probably knackered. Try to get one from or something. Repair is almost certainly out of the question as it's an 8 year old model now. I'd offer to sell you mine, but it's the UK spec version, and I'm assuming you're in the states.

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jseager956Author Commented:
Prettyhatemachine, I took your advice. The laptop's hardware profile didn't change to Dock1. It looks like the docking station doesn't work any more.

I'm actually in London in the UK. I can ask the user if they want a new one. How much do you want for yours? Does it have a CD on it or anything else of note?

Thank you for your help.
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